Seminole Towne Center
Phone: 407-302-3788

Altamonte Mall
Phone: 407-265-2012

Avenues Mall Jacksonville
Phone: 904-464-0014

Calendar of Events

Below is the schedules for all of our locations. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Please specify which location you will be attending when you sign up.

Call us now to schedule or sign up for a painting class!
For reservations, please call the store you would like to attend.

Also book your next fundraiser for your non-profit organization at The Winey Wench and $15 for every attendee will be donated to your foundation/charity. Call us for more info.

You may be asking yourself what's Date Night? Date Night is a special class where we take one image and split it right down the middle. One person paints the left side of the image, the other paints the right side. The fun comes when setting them next to each other and seeing the personal variations. Love the painting of the night, but don't have a date? No problem! The instruction is easy to follow as a single person as well.

Click Here for our May schedule for the all new Jacksonville location!

For The New Jax's Store May Calendar
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Group of 15+ $25

Group of 40+ $20

Single Private Class - $45

Group of 6+ Private Class - $30



Class Entry Fee

Class Location
Phone Number
Class Date
Please specify your class location, name, phone number, and class date.

Please print your Paypal confirmation and bring it to the class.